Modern Indian Fusion!

When you want to have an authentic Dhaba experience but prefer a bit of the modern delicacies too, Angrezi Dhaba is the perfect place to visit. Our chefs, with years of experience in some of the most popular Dhabas in India, have created a unique and innovative menu to delight your taste buds.

A visit to Angrezi Dhaba can be more enjoyable when you are with family and friends!

Our Fusion Menu

All Days 2 PM - 1 AM
Punjabi Rajmah bruschetta
Rajmah infused with fresh basil leaves and served on crispy garlic bread with cheese
Pav bhaji and cheese fondue
Pav Bhaji topped with Italian cheese fondue in a fondue pot with crispy buttered Pav
Banarasi paneer paan kabab
Paneer marinated in masala paan spices and stuffed inside Banarasi paan
Punjabi tikka tacos
Crispy taco shells filled with tandoori tikka, Mexican veg, & taco spice topped with cheese and sour cream
Chicken sev puri
Crispy puris topped with masala kheema, tamarind and mint chutney, onions, tomatoes, sev, grated cheese & more
Murgh tikha paan
Chargrilled pieces of chicken tikka stuffed in banarasi paan
Tandoori chicken crostini
Chicken tandoori mixed with bell peppers, fresh basil, tomatoes, spicy ketchup, olives and served on crispy Italian crostini.
Cheddar chicken and pepper roti
Cheddar chicken, masala kheema and freshly ground pepper stuffed baida roti
Parmesan kheema hash brown
Potato hash brown layered with spicy masala kheema and served hot topped with Parmesan cheese
Cheese olive prawns sticks
Dices of cheese, olives and pan tossed buttered prawns served with spicy cilantro pesto sauce


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ABOUT US and our Food
  • A totally fun Dhaba style dining with a modern twist. Loved the Rajma Bruschetta and the chicken sev puri. Also do try their crunchy ice cream with Fig Sauce. The service is quite pleasant. They were gracious hosts all through the evening. Thank you for a great evening!
  • Absolutely loved the concept! The ambience is quite charming and the service is polite. Food is good and it’s great to have something different like this in Dadar. We visited with family and a few friends. I must say it was a good experience.
  • Simply delicious and enjoyable food. The ambiance is lovely and the food is quite innovative. The staff was so courteous and helpful with great suggestions from the menu. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality. We are definitely visiting again.
  • I was impressed with the décor and the menu mostly. They have maintained the Dhaba feel but yet you know you can expect something different. No disappointment there. The menu is quite vast. We tried the ‘angrezi-Indian’ dishes and they were all surprisingly good! Highly recommended.
  • I went there with a few friends. We were expecting just another place with a fancy name but were pleasantly surprised with the entire concept. Beautiful interiors and warm service greeted us as we entered. The food didn’t fail to surprise us. Quite a fresh and new approach to fusion cuisine. Great experience. Must try.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Angrezi Dhaba recently. One must definitely visit this place for the Dhaba style dining, friendly service and offcourse the fresh approach to Dhaba food.
  • Thank you for bringing this unique experience to Mumbai, Angrezi Dhaba! We visited with our family and were glad we chose your place on the weekend. To enjoy delicious and interesting food in a mesmerizing ambiance such as this is absolutely amazing. Do experience for yourself

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